Tuesday, March 1, 2011


 We decided we wanted to dress up the front of the bar a bit. This isn't our first go round at it as we did it in our last house but this was the first time we had corners and rounded corners at that.

Mike was just excited that he got to get a new toy. I plan on keeping that baby busy.

 We prefer to go with the tongue and groove pieces verses the sheets on a project like this. We found that they are easier to hide the seams and easier to work with when the wall is not the exact height all the way around.

 So don't forget here is the before
 And the after -wet paint and all :)

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  1. Wow a new blog! I am so impressed! I am also excited to see all the work on your new house (holy walls to paint!). You are so talented, I miss all your great ideas.