Tuesday, May 17, 2011


One of the things I wanted in our new house was a great mudroom. In our last house we had a small laundry/mudroom and you had to walk through it to get to the half bath. There was just not enough room to put everything.
When we started looking for houses I quickly realized that large mudrooms were not the thing here in Austin. Actually people kind of looked at me weird when I said that was on my want list. I was told maybe they need them in Utah because of all the boots, coats and cold weather stuff but we don't need all that.

So I took a picture of an average day at my house while living in the duplex. You got book bags, shoes, purse, soccer gear, football gear, trombone., water bottles, the list goes on and on. My husband, and I am sure most of you said "the kids should just take all that stuff up to their rooms"  Right, like they are ever going to plus then the mess is just in their room. It needs a place and that place is a mudroom.
So what did I end up with? A mudroom smaller then my last. No, it is not even a mud room it is a hallway with my washer and dryer in it.
They just were not to be found. And when it really came down to it I was not not going to buy a house just because of the mudroom. When we were going to build I asked the builder if I could turn one of the bedrooms into a mudroom. You should have seen his face.
But, when we just felt so good about this house a mudroom was not going to hold us back. We did end up with a big garage so I had a plan. On the kids spring break we did our project.
 I taped off 3 section on a wall just outside the garage door. I used a protractor to round the corners.
 I made the mistake of telling the kids they could pick out their own color. Oh boy! not a good idea. The trip to the paint store was a bit crazy. They all picked crazy colors that did not coordinate to each other. So I helped out a little and this is what they finally came up with.

I am pretty good at talking them into things so we all ended up happy.

They really did a good job. Unfortunatley the painters tape ripped off some of the tan paint and I don't have any paint to touch it up since it was painted by the previous owners but it is OK.
 Next I added these great letter hooks that I found at Michael's. I did have to go to a few stores and ended up not being able to find an "I" but we improvised.
 This is what it typically looks like. So far the kids are using the space.
And I am happy their stuff has a place.

Goodwill GOLD

Now that we got a new computer that actually works longer then it doesn't I am ready to update you on everything that has been going on. Plus I have nothing else to do today. Until kids get out of school of course.
 I know, how nice and of course it is not true, I have plenty I could/should be doing but this is could qualify as a to-do right ? 
A few weeks ago I struck Goodwill gold! I had been looking for a desk to transform our empty dining room into an office. I don't know about you but an office seems to be one of the most used rooms in our house.
I knew what I was looking for, something solid and chunky that had drawers to put all the "stuff". So I was so excited when I came upon this bad boy and knew right away it was going home with me. My youngest son (8 years old) walks up and says "$79.99 that is way to much, you don't have $79.99 and I am telling dad!" He even reached for my phone.  If you know him at all you can totally hear him saying it. He is a little too much like me, just says what ever he thinks ;).  "But this is totally what we have been looking for!" I exclaim.  "This is coming home with us!"  I was soooo excited! I paid for the item and told them I would be back with my husband to load it up.
Now I read a lot of decorating blogs about crazy people who buy crazy things like I do all the time and very rarely do I hear about husbands getting mad about purchases. I KNOW I am not the only one, they just don't tell us about it but when I tell you my husband was mad that is putting it lightly. HE WAS MAD! He did not see why we needed a desk! And it takes a lot to get my husband mad, I guess it was a bad day.
Although he would not admit it he softened up once he saw it and once we got it home and in the office he was cooled down.
So as you can see the desk was in pretty good shape. It is missing two drawer pulls on the middle drawer but those will be easy to replace.

It also had a few scrapes and dings. At first I was going to paint it and maybe even add some bead board in the front molding but once I got it home I decided I kind of liked the wood look. So I got out my black gel stain that I have had for years and with a foam brush went over the areas. I could not have been happier, they covered them right up. It looked great.

We need to get rid of the rocking chair and old china hutch that just kind of got planted there in the move and work on a great rug and accessories.
spray paint party

Monday, May 9, 2011

Since we are on the subject of bathrooms I thought I would share a picture from my idea file. There is something about this bathroom that just calls my name. I think first off it is the sunlight pouring in. It has such a light and bright feel. I love the molding around the tub and the valance is beautiful. I also think the light fixture is really neat. I would love to see more of the bathroom but have no idea where I got this picture.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Master bath

I have major paint issues (if you have not alreay figured that out by now) I can not ever find the color I want. I see it in my mind but it just does not show up on the walls that way. I am working on my master bathroom and I wanted a light, muted,dark, aqua blue. But not to blue and not to green. Not to dark and not to light.

 This is about half of the paint cards I brought home through out the weeks of the color hunt and I won't admit to how many color samples I brought home and tried on the halls

My walls started to look like this. Mike said he started to like the camo look and maybe we should just stick with it.
While on my search one day I came across a can of oops paint, paint the paint store mixes wrong or a customer returns for some reason, that I thought was a great color. Once I got the room half painted I knew it was too green and not my color. So I started over. Bringing home paint chips and little samples. -no luck
I finally decided I was not going to find the perfect color and I just had to decide on a color so I picked the best match and bought the paint but once I started painting I knew it was to blue so I took the can of to green paint and the can of to blue paint and added them together.
I got the whole room painted but have to be honest, I am not happy with it. But I don't know if I want to repaint it and who knows what color! So I am letting it sit for a while and see if it grows on me. I will show you once I decide what to do about it.