Monday, January 17, 2011


6 Months ago our little family of 5 relocated to Austin Texas. We rented a duplex and spent the last few months looking for the perfect home. We had narrowed it down and had decided to build our home.  We were on our way to make our final decision on a lot and sign a contract, but there was just one more home real close by that we wanted to stop by and see. I can't really explain it but we walked in and knew immediately it was our home. It was far from perfect but it had all the potential we needed.
So welcome to our new home.
I started this blog to document all the fun updating we do on the home.  We feel like the home just needed to be revived and our budget is low so come along as we take what we have and breath new life into it.


re·vive verb \ri-ˈvīv\

: to return to consciousness or life : become active or flourishing again
transitive verb
: to restore to consciousness or life
: to restore from a depressed, inactive, or unused state : bring back