Thursday, February 24, 2011


 I am FINALLY done painting the main areas of the downstairs and the hallway upstairs. Man it took forever. I was trying to get it done before we moved in but with our crazy schedule I was not able to pull it off. Then when our pipes froze the day after we moved in, it put things are the back burner for a few days.
Those tall ceilings are a big job to tackle.  The color is only a few shades darker then what was here before but I am happy with the color. I always start off saying I am going real dark but in the end I choose a lighter color. I really like to live in light spaces. I love when the sun shines in. The way our home sits it does not get a ton of sunlight and there are no windows in the kitchen so I had to be careful not to make it feel like a cave.

I love the clean look of fresh paint. Plus getting rid of that flat paint was a must.

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