Saturday, February 5, 2011


Am I the only person in the world who has such a hard time choosing a paint color? I am known as the girl who has 10-12 samples of tans. Call me sometime and you can borrow them too. They are great for narrowing down colors. So I always tell suggest to people that they definitely need to get a quart of the color before they dive into a gallon or worse yet the 5 gallon. You have to put the color on your wall to really get a feel for it. So before I do a repaint my walls always look something like this.

But I learned it is a better to be safe then sorry. Many times I thought I had chosen the perfect color just to bring it home and hate it.

There has got to be 30,000 different shades of tan/beige, basic house colors, out there so why is it I can never find one? Once again in the end I had a color custom mixed for me. Did you know your paint store can do 1/2 strength of a color? They can even do double strength.  I learned that Home Depot is not aware that they can actually do this but actually there little computers have it all figures out for them. I did end up training 3 different salesmen in the paint department how to do this once the first guy finally admitted that they could do it ( after he had told me they could not). In the end I went with 1 1/2 strength Mushroom bisque.

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