Sunday, May 8, 2011

Master bath

I have major paint issues (if you have not alreay figured that out by now) I can not ever find the color I want. I see it in my mind but it just does not show up on the walls that way. I am working on my master bathroom and I wanted a light, muted,dark, aqua blue. But not to blue and not to green. Not to dark and not to light.

 This is about half of the paint cards I brought home through out the weeks of the color hunt and I won't admit to how many color samples I brought home and tried on the halls

My walls started to look like this. Mike said he started to like the camo look and maybe we should just stick with it.
While on my search one day I came across a can of oops paint, paint the paint store mixes wrong or a customer returns for some reason, that I thought was a great color. Once I got the room half painted I knew it was too green and not my color. So I started over. Bringing home paint chips and little samples. -no luck
I finally decided I was not going to find the perfect color and I just had to decide on a color so I picked the best match and bought the paint but once I started painting I knew it was to blue so I took the can of to green paint and the can of to blue paint and added them together.
I got the whole room painted but have to be honest, I am not happy with it. But I don't know if I want to repaint it and who knows what color! So I am letting it sit for a while and see if it grows on me. I will show you once I decide what to do about it.

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