Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Goodwill GOLD

Now that we got a new computer that actually works longer then it doesn't I am ready to update you on everything that has been going on. Plus I have nothing else to do today. Until kids get out of school of course.
 I know, how nice and of course it is not true, I have plenty I could/should be doing but this is could qualify as a to-do right ? 
A few weeks ago I struck Goodwill gold! I had been looking for a desk to transform our empty dining room into an office. I don't know about you but an office seems to be one of the most used rooms in our house.
I knew what I was looking for, something solid and chunky that had drawers to put all the "stuff". So I was so excited when I came upon this bad boy and knew right away it was going home with me. My youngest son (8 years old) walks up and says "$79.99 that is way to much, you don't have $79.99 and I am telling dad!" He even reached for my phone.  If you know him at all you can totally hear him saying it. He is a little too much like me, just says what ever he thinks ;).  "But this is totally what we have been looking for!" I exclaim.  "This is coming home with us!"  I was soooo excited! I paid for the item and told them I would be back with my husband to load it up.
Now I read a lot of decorating blogs about crazy people who buy crazy things like I do all the time and very rarely do I hear about husbands getting mad about purchases. I KNOW I am not the only one, they just don't tell us about it but when I tell you my husband was mad that is putting it lightly. HE WAS MAD! He did not see why we needed a desk! And it takes a lot to get my husband mad, I guess it was a bad day.
Although he would not admit it he softened up once he saw it and once we got it home and in the office he was cooled down.
So as you can see the desk was in pretty good shape. It is missing two drawer pulls on the middle drawer but those will be easy to replace.

It also had a few scrapes and dings. At first I was going to paint it and maybe even add some bead board in the front molding but once I got it home I decided I kind of liked the wood look. So I got out my black gel stain that I have had for years and with a foam brush went over the areas. I could not have been happier, they covered them right up. It looked great.

We need to get rid of the rocking chair and old china hutch that just kind of got planted there in the move and work on a great rug and accessories.

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